Monday, December 5, 2022

Three arrested on suspicion of dagga possession

Three men, a driver of a BMW and two passengers are being investigated by Maun Police after they were found in possession of a green substance believed to be dagga. According to Maun Police Station Commander Superintendent Peter Gochela, the three were arrested after a tip off at Makalamabedi veterinary gate. Gochela said the 28 year old driver, who works as a Community Development Officer at Tutume Sub Council could not account for the five brown taped blocks which were found in a sports bag in his car.

The police went on to search his car boot upon which a further fifteen blocks were found wrapped in a backpack. It was while questioning the man that the two passengers fled the scene, leaving the driver behind. He immediately denied knowledge of the two bags in his car or what they contained, saying they belonged to the two men who had escaped. However their luck was short-lived as they were re-arrested in Maun the following day.

“It has come to our attention that people have found a lucrative market selling drugs in Maun particularly, considering the number of cases reported so far. Most of the arrests are made during our stop, question and search patrols, and it is during this time that we are always able to apprehend more people who are always caught red-handed. We will however do our best to bring all these under control through our routine day and night patrols”, said Gochela.

In another incident, Gochela said a middle aged woman was raped by a man who had offered to escort her home after a night out. He said the victim, who was in the company of her younger sister, took the offer and the three left. As they arrived home at around 3am, the suspect, a 25 year old man, claimed he was also scared to walk alone in the dark and requested to be accommodated at the victim’s place.

“I am told the three of them slept together, with the man sandwiched between the two sisters. In no time he allegedly raped the unsuspecting woman in full view of her terrified sister. She however managed to pull off after the ordeal and was able to lock the man inside before rushing off to call for help. As we speak, he is in police custody and will be arraigned before court soon”, the police boss said.

Gochela said rape cases in Maun have become so common that not a day passes without them receiving similar reports. He advised that women should avoid befriending and accepting offers from people they hardly know. Where possible, he said they should always seek help from friends and any other people they trust.


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