Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Three top sport figures eye BNOC top post

At least three of the country’s top sports leaders are eyeing the position of the Botswana National Olympics Committee (BNOC) presidency in the coming elective general assembly. 

Negros Kgosietsile, who led the BNOC for 16 years will not be seeking re-election in the coming AGM. Kgosietsile was first elected to office as BNOC president in 2001 and has successfully defended his position in the three elections that he went through. BNOC goes to elections every four years.

The absence of Kgosietsile has attracted attention from sport leaders who see themselves equally capable of leading the Olympic committee. The candidates will be banking on the over 30 BNOC affiliates to elect one of them to lead the country’s sporting organisation. 

 Botswana Netball Association and Africa Netball president Tebogo Lebotse-Sebego will be seeking sporting affiliates to elect her. BNOC senior vice president, Botsang Tshenyego, Botswana Volleyball Federation (BVF) president and Daniel Molaodi are said also to have ambitions of heading BNOC.

Talking to Sunday Standard Lebotse-Sebego confirmed that she would be standing for the coming BNOC elective assembly. 

“Yes, I confirm my intention to seek nomination for the BNOC elections for the position of president,” Lebotse-Sebego said.

Advancing her reasons for her candidature she explained: “I believe that the past 10 years in sports, specifically netball leadership, both locally and internationally, has prepared me enough to contribute significantly to Botswana sport in general and specifically at an elite level.” 

She further explained that it was time for her to offer the experience she had acquired to support local athletes and administrators to achieve more in the local and international stage. 

Asked whether she would be seeking election as an independent candidate or she has a team lobbying for her? Lebotse-Sebego confirmed that she had a team that would be standing on her side? 

“Yes, there is a team of talented and experienced sports leaders in our camp, we will officially launch our team and articulate our agenda and what we wish to achieve,” said Lebotse-Sebego. 

She said she would formally seek support and endorsement from the sport leadership. 

Sunday Standard got it from reliable sources that on Lebotse-Sebego’s side will be Tsoseletso Magang and Naledi Dikgomo-Goulden. Magang is not new to sports. She is a former athletes and a long time volleyball player for Kutlwano Volleyball Club. She is also a former Botswana Volleyball president. 

Contacted for comment to confirm his candidature, Tshenyego said: “I am still doing consultations. I will talk to you next week after consultations.”  

Molaodi said he was yet to make a decision on the matter. “I haven’t made up my mind. I am still consulting and I can only confirm or tell you the final decision in due course,” Molaodi said. 

It will be seen if the BNOC campaigns will be clean or there will be accusations and counter accusations against each other. Sometimes campaigns within the sport fraternity can go dirty to the extent of some end taking legal route.


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