Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tick…tick…tick… to the Subaru Kalahari Race challenge

The World Cup might have ended and left some people feeling empty but other sporting codes are slowly stepping in to fill the void.

Just in case you are a fan of outdoor sports or looking for an opportunity for an outing with the family, look no more!

Even though one of the biggest annual events for Batswana, the Toyota 1000 Dessert Race has been moved all the way to September, outdoor sports fanatics are still in for a treat, what with the Subaru Kalahari race challenge only a week away from now.

The Subaru Kalahari Race is a different type of race from the Dessert race as, instead of race cars, the contestants would be peddling Mountain bikes to the finishing line.

The 180km biking race, which is also an initiative of the Gaborone Cycling Club, will see contestants cover about 95km on day one, and undergo roughly another 85 km on day two.

Subaru Gaborone has confirmed that the race is to go ahead as was previously stipulated
The Subaru office also confirmed that it will be sponsoring the two-day mountain bike stage race.
The race is expected to start on the 24th of July at 9am by Game City Mall, the contestants will then take the Lobatse Route after which they will rest at an overnight camp in Otse.

The last day of the race will commence from the camp the next day and the winner is expected to be the first arrival at the Gaborone Dam on Sunday the 25th.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the race would be limited to only a 100 teams and it seems the list is already filled to the brim.

Those in the know say that one will not be able to get a chance at riding on single tracks as well as jeep-riding tracks anywhere else except for the Subaru challenge.
The race, which is in its fourth year of existence, is said to have attracted contestants from different southern African countries.

In the past, it hosted contestants from South-Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.


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