Wednesday, July 17, 2024

TK takes BDP to court

As a sign of the deteriorating situation inside the Botswana Democratic Party, Member of Parliament for Serowe North West Tshekedi Khama has taken the party to court.

Tshekedi who is also a minister responsible for wildlife, tourism and environmental affairs wants one of his opponents in the primaries, Moemedi Dijeng disqualified.

There have been allegations leveled against Dijeng that he broke the primary elections rules.

The Central Committee however ruled that allegations against Dijeng were “borderline” thus not warranting disqualifications.

But Tshekedi is unhappy, and has hit the BDP together with Dijeng with summons.

In another twist The Telegraph has learnt that Tshekedi’s action is motivated by the fact that the BDP branch had vetted him out.

Ironically it was the same Central Committee that he is taking to Court that saved him, by ruling that like Dijeng his transgressions did not warrant him being vetted out.

Tshekedi is the younger brother to former president Ian Khama.

He is said to harbor ambitions to challenge Mokgweetsi Masisi for presidency at the party’s special congress due next year.

On Monay the BDP Central Committee indefinitely postponed the primary elections that were due to be held on Saturday.

The party Secretary General, Mpho Balopi told The Telegraph that a decision to postpone the primaries was done in the best interests of safeguarding the integrity of the elections.

He said the party server was hacked and manipulated from outside.

He said the party had evidence that there were two hackers; one inside the country and the other based outside.


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