Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tokyo Olympics promoting gender equality

Tokyo has given females across the globe a reason to feel alive again after the remarkable good deed the country established in trying to beat gender inequality.

Apart from an increase in participation number of females in the games, the International Organizing Committee (IOC) went as far as promoting equality during the Opening ceremony on Friday, the male and female athletes being flag bearers.

This act however, came as a way of Sharing the honour of carrying national colours into the Olympic stadium as one between both genders. 

Even though displayed in an empty stadium, the sharing of the national flags was for some countries a powerful and meaningful moment. China and Mongolia were some of the countries who felt the power behind the act as it was their first time women carried their national flags during a Parade.

Another milestone however, came through the increase in participation number of female athletes in the Olympics. According to ABCNews, women made their Olympic debut at the Paris Games in 1900; 22 out of 997 athletes were women only being allowed to compete in Five sports.

“Women did not make up more than 10% of participants until 1952 and were not allowed to compete in every sport until 2012. Despite progress, professional women athletes continue to fight for equal footing at the games,” the article read. 

According to women activist, Game Mothibi IOC did a good job as it is a good start for women to be visible in every sporting code.

“I believe it is a good start in terms of making women more visible at the Olympics and Paralympics as it is meant to apply to both. Flag bearing being a prestige and honor to athletes chosen for the role,” she said.

Additionally, she said bringing women on it, creases chances of them being appreciated and recognized at the Olympics.

“Tokyo 2020 were meant to be the first ever gender – balanced Olympics with increased number of women competitors. The plan was to have 48.8% of women participating at the Olympics, 4.05 women athletes for Paralympics,” she explained

“Also including nine mixed events being athletics, swimming, table tennis, triathlon, making number of mixed events 18 being skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing and karate. Extra women in boxing, canoe, rowing and shooting,” Mothibi said further.

The Olympics surely do not have a foot track record of female participation. According to Mothibi, gratitude should go to the IOC, the Tokyo Olympics organising committee as women now have a 42% representation.


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