Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Tonota readies for Gaborangolo Festival

On December 26th, Tonota will host the Gaborangolo annual festival at Tapela Farms. Revellers will enjoy headline acts including Drama Boi, Scar, Juju Boy and T.H.A.B.O, amongst many while Dj Crispin, Dj Gouveia and Dj Oats will be on the decks. The line up of all artists and Djs is 100% local and there will be no international acts.

This will be the first for the show to be held in Tonota. The event organiser, Dithuso Selepeng, explained that they went through all the necessary procedures by approaching the area MP Hon Thapelo Olopeng, the Village Development Committee and various village elders who accepted their request to hold the festival in Tonota. He explained that Minister Olopeng was particularly fond of the idea as he considers such a festival a conducive platform to interact with the youth. Selepeng also hopes that through events of this nature they will be able to show aspiring artists that they can make a career out of music.

According to Selepeng, an event of this nature makes a difference in the local business community. He said people who attend the event need food, accommodation and other basic necessities during their stay in Tonota. He also said stalls are available for people to sell food and merchandise during the duration of the show.

The organising team will go to Tonota the week prior to the show for meet and greet sessions and clean up campaigns. This will enable people to familiarise themselves with the event and even build a sense of ownership.

Although this year is the inaugural show for the GaboRangolo festival, they intend to make it an annual event. Selepeng is hopeful that due to the vast line up and centrality of the venue, many people from all over the country will attend the show. 


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