Thursday, July 18, 2024

Tourism Minister hails Botswana’s VISA liberalisation move

By Calistus Bosaletswe

Botswana’s recent decision to relax what was seen as stringent visa issuance to foreigners who intend to visit the country could attract more visitors to the wildlife rich but tiny nation, tourism minister Tshekedi Khama has said.

Addressing the media last week, Tshekedi said that he remains hopeful that the liberalisation of Visa issuance in Botswana will attract more tourists to the country.

“It has a potential to grow our tourism sector and also provide business opportunities for those who want to venture into tourism, “said an excited Tshekedi.

He said that in the absence of direct flights to Botswana the issuance of VISA will allow neighbours, tourists from Europe to use other mode of transport.

He however admitted that the airline connection was inconveniencing tourists who are made to pay more money to come to Botswana since they have to make several connections due to the absence of direct flights.

Botswana’s decision to review its VISA issuance requirements was made public last week by the President Mokgweetsi Masisi,

This follows a series of complaints by international organisations such as the World Tourism Organisation and the Republic of China Embassy.

The World Tourism Organisation has previously defined the issuance of VISA in Botswana as a nightmare despite that the country marketing itself as a tourism destination.

The issuance of VISA in Botswana is partially handled by the Director Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) ÔÇô an organisation known of riots no-nonsense taking approach to everything. In the past the DISS, which now has a new Director (Peter Magosi) was viewed as one of the reason why many tourists and investors were denied entry into Botswana.


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