Saturday, December 2, 2023

Troubled BAA has 14 days to clean its messy house

Botswana Athletics Association (BAA) has 14 days to elect new office bearers. This follows the dissolution of the BAA Executive Committee which comes after four of its executive committee officials resigned in a space of two weeks.

Following the resignation of the BAA top brass which occurred during the association’s explosive Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 25, the body suffered yet another blow this past Monday as its Public Relations Officer (PRO) Charles Keikotlhae tendered his resignation.

Keikotlhae announced his resignation in a press release sent to the media on Monday morning.  His resignation meant the association executive committee had no option but to dissolve as per its constitution. 

Under the BAA constitution, if four (4) of its executive committee members resign from their post, the committee is automatically dissolved and the association expected to hold fresh elections within 14 days.

Reached for comment, Keikotlhae said his resignation came as he felt some hostility directed towards him from certain BAA affiliates.

“Some of the BAA affiliates had shown no interest in my appointment and forced me into an uncomfortable position as the association’s PRO,” Keikotlhae said.

While Keikotlhae could not delve much into details, news filtering through to The Telegraph Sport is that some members had started casting aspersions at his appointment.

“Some of the members had alluded that Keikotlhae did not meet the requirements to sit in the executive committee as his club, MAC, was suspended and was thus not an affiliate of the BAA,” a source explained.

“This is very unfortunate, however, as contrary to what his detractors said, MAC was not suspended at the time when Keikotlhae was co-opted into the BAA Executive Committee,” said the source.

The source fingered Orapa Athletics Club (OAC), New Vision and Lefika Athletics (LAC) as some of the clubs that were behind the move to force Keikotlhae out of his position.

While Keikotlhae refused to comment on the issue, a call to the OAC representative Kenneth Kikwe confirmed the club had problems with his appointment.

Commenting on the matter, Kikwe said Keikotlhae was not eligible to be the PRO of BAA as his club, MAC, was not affiliated to BAA anymore.

Kikwe further said as the people who authorised Keikotlhae had resigned, this made him (Keikotlhae) feel uncomfortable, thus fuelling his exit from the BAA Executive Committee. 


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