Sunday, May 19, 2024

True costs of sending armies into Mozambique are still to be truly explained

SADC, it has now become clear is determined to get into Mozambique.

The northern most province has been a security risk for Mozambique.

And let us be honest, it poses a risk for the whole of southern Africa.

But doing so has to be through well-defined parameters.

There has to be a time frame.

And more importantly, it has to be explained well in advance how it will look like when complete.

SADC cannot plunge into an indefinite war because there is no appetite among its countries but also in Mozambique for such a war.

Leaders need to understand the psychology of jihadists.

If a war breaks out in Mozambique it is very likely that many global terrorists from as far afield as Russia, the Sahara in North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan will converge in Mozambique.

There will also be no shortage of financiers as countries and non-state actors will finance the war against SADC.

The government of Mozambique should also have obligations that are well spelt out.

As is other SADC countries.

The northern province of Mozambique where the insurgency is happening has been deliberately left out and behind in development.

Poverty there is shocking. People feel totally neglected.

It is hardly surprising the insurgency is linked to large scale energy projects that have recently started in the area.

Mozambique will not be a walk over.

It could be long and protracted.

Leaders should be aware that body backs sent to their countries back from Mozambique would be totally intolerable, not least because other than politicians few people can really understand just why their armies, their children are being sent to go and fight in Mozambique especially because the government of Mozambique is on record saying they can handle the situation on their own.

The leadership of SADC is itself divided over sending a fully force mandated to crash out insurgency.

It is important for SADC to achieve a semblance of unity before undertaking such a broad mandate that have a bearing on life and death.

SADC like the rest of the world is facing economic stagnation on account of Covid 19.

Many SADC people from where the armies will be drawn will be hard pressed to understand that their governments are still struggling with procuring Covid vaccines and roll out programmes for vaccines.

Mozambique insurgency hardly features among priorities for the people in any of SADC member countries.

A war in Mozambique is viewed as a glory trip for the leadership.

Botswana, for example still does not have fully vaccinated people, yet the president is a foremost cheerleader when it comes to rushing into Mozambique.

The United States and its allies have always had a vested interest in fighting Islamic terrorist from anywhere in the world.

What role will America be playing in Mozambique especially knowing that the citizens of that country have become war fatigued and would rather finance anybody willing to put boots on the ground as it so seems with SADC.


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