Saturday, June 3, 2023

Tshekedi Khama says Moyo Guma is driven by anger

The Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism , Tshekedi Khama has scoffed at Tati East Member of Parliament, Samson Moyo Guma’s accusations that he failed to honour a kgotla meeting in his constituency.

Tshekedi has said Moyo Guma is an angry man.

Responding to President Ian Khama’s State of the Nation Address on Thursday in Parliament, Moyo attacked Tshekedi Khama for failing to honour a scheduled kgotla meeting at his constituency. Moyo Guma further accused Tshekedi Khama and those who are influential in the society of sabotage.

Moyo Guma who was expected to deliberate on the just presented State of the Nation Address (SONA) chose to go on a tandem and brought his personal business to the floor of Parliament.

Moyo Guma lost his cool and told Parliament that his people continue to suffer in his constituency and those with powers can decide not to attend scheduled Kgotla meeting and still see no need to apologise to the constituents. 

He further said those with powers have chosen to freeze his bank  accounts.

He however said he is unapologetic for having what he has because he earned it through hard work. He said when some of those with powers to were busy drinking alcohol he was busy working hard and making money for himself.

Tshekedi Khama told this publication that he does not understand why Moyo Guma was so angry.

“I am going to respond on the floor of Parliament as well. He took advantage of me not being in Parliament and attacked me on an issue that we both discussed and it was closed,” he said. 

Tshekedi Khama, who is younger brother to President Khama  said the meeting was scheduled for 9th November but he couldn’t make it because he was held by SADC commitments.

“I called Guma informing him that I have a SADC meeting on the 10th and we are leaving on the 9th.I asked him to postpone the kgotla meeting to the following week then he refused saying constituents were expecting me,” Tshekedi Khama explained.

He said he told Moyo Guma that there was no how he was going to snub the SADC meeting because he was chairing the meeting.

“I apologised for the inconvenience caused and begged him to understand the situation I was in. In any case the following Monday I went to him at Parliament and further apologised in person,” Tshekedi said.

He said that is when Moyo Guma told him that he spent over P4 000 to prepare for the said Kgotla meeting that never took place. 

“I offered to pay part of the money he spent. I thought the matter ended that way. I was surprised when those who were present at parliament called to tell me that Moyo Guma was attacking me on the floor of parliament.” 

He said when he next meets Moyo Guma he was going to laugh at him adding that he is going to tell Moyo Guma “that because he took the matter to the floor of parliament I am also going to respond on the floor of parliament.”

“On Friday morning Ndaba Gaolatlhe had a motion that affected my Ministry I wrote to him the day before his presentation to say I will not be available and he understood. Even though he is in the opposition side this man is respectful. This is the rightful approach that Moyo Guma could be using but as people we are different,” said Tshekedi Khama.


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