Sunday, July 3, 2022

Tsogang Trust receives Porta cabin from BEDIA

As one of their social responsibilities in the country, Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA) donated a Porta Cabin to Tsogang Trust in Mogoditshane on Thursday.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Corporate Services’ Lameck Nthekela said, “We have brought this token for the community because our eyes are wide open to help the less privileged members of the society.”

Tsogang Trust is an organization affiliated to BONEPWA, which consist of volunteers from the Mogoditshane community.

The organization started in 2001 as a small neighborhood support group that has now grown into an organization.

The Trust works as an HIV/AIDS Support Group for those infected or affected in the community. The volunteers have committed themselves to giving the orphans parental love thus the organization provides temporary shelter and protection to orphans and vulnerable children and provides free pre-school education and afterschool care, counseling and development skills to disadvantaged children.

Nthekela said since its foundation, Tsogang Trust has been operating from a residence of one of the volunteers and has now been allocated a plot in Mogoditshane for them to set up a fully fledged operation.

It is for this reason, he said, that BEDIA saw the need to make available a Porta cabin for them to use as an office in the new plot; he added that this was just the beginning and said they had a long way to go.

Ntekhela pointed out that the organization went beyond their mandate of promoting and facilitating investment in export oriented enterprises and selected services and looked into issues that concern the society.

He added that offering support and opportunity to those who are less privileged is one of their priorities and they will continue helping the needy.

Area MP, Patrick Masimulule, commended BEDIA for the good gesture that it extended to the Mogoditshane community. He said that it is not the first time that they had come to the aid of the community.

He also expressed appreciation the openhandedness of Sheila Tapela, who gave clothes and shoes for the children.

Masimulule applauded BEDIA for its corporate social responsibility project as they realize the ideals of the Vision 2016 pillar of a caring and compassionate nation.
He appealed to Batswana to do the same and said if the same spirit continues, the plight of the less privileged in our country would be easier to address.

The Chairperson of the support group, Lebopo Mmekwa, appreciated the good work by BEDIA.
“BEDIA has done an outstanding thing for the Trust because they have given us a starting point.”
Mmeka appealed to all Batswana to help in the building of the premises.


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