Thursday, May 19, 2022

Tumie Ramsden Unplugged

Nobody ever knew this, but Tumie was once fired from her job at Yarona FM. But her boss, Percy Raditladi, called her six months later and offered her another go.

Why was she fired?

She had gone to get her tongue pierced, and she could not come to work because her speech was slurred.

That was the Tumie of old: feisty, impetuous and fearless, with little regard for authority.
But she has since grown to become an icon, a woman who many, young and old, look up to for inspiration and guidance. And that experience has mellowed her and molded her into a mature and responsible woman.

“Radio puts one in a position of influence. Many people look up to you for guidance. This makes one humble, because you cannot give people advice when you do not practice what you preach,” she says.
Tumie had always loved radio. In fact she went to radio lessons when she was eleven. She used to practice in front of the mirror and pretend that she was live on radio. When Yarona FM advertised for presenters in 2000, she was the first one to apply. She was later called for auditions and hired on the spot.

In her early years on radio, Tumie was cast on the weekend slot. She later went on to the mid morning slot, which she says practically defined her career. She says mid morning radio is more interactive and allows one to get emotionally involved with her listeners. She was later promoted to the morning slot in 2008. At the time, she was studying ACCA, and was forced to make a choice between a full time career on radio, and a career in accounts.

“I was an intern at IFSC at the time. I thought I could somehow juggle accounting studies with radio, but that was not to be. Radio just overwhelmed me, and the rest is history,” she says. Of course, her parents were not happy with her decision, but that only compelled her to put in more effort so she could prove that working on radio could actually turn out to be a very fulfilling career.

The fame and fortune have never got to Tumie’s head.

“I don’t consider myself a celebrity. I never joined radio for fame. I just loved the job. For me, the most rewarding thing is that I am able to influence people’s lives in my own small way,” she says.

Tumie is inspired by a lot of things and people. Her best friend, Tidimalo, has been a voice of reason and a major influence in her life since they were five years old.

“She is the one who pushed me to join radio. Even today, as I move to explore other challenges, she remains my inspiration,” she says. Tumie is also inspired by men and women who aspire to make something meaningful out of their lives. She loves go getters who believe in their ability to achieve, but never step on anyone’s toes in their quest for success.

Tumie will be celebrating five years of marriage to Tebogo Ramsden on July 3rd. They have a five year old daughter and a three year old boy. The two knew each other before they dated.

“I never thought that one day Tebogo would be my husband. We have always known each other. It only took a trip to Jwaneng… and here I am,” she says.

Is her husband okay with her job?

“I think it gets to him sometimes. He has never complained, but I think that’s because he is so supportive. What man would not complain when his wife is up at 4am and leaves home at 5:30?” she laughs.

Outside radio, Tumie also has a TV program. She sat on the boards of BNYC, Red Cross, Life line and MISA. Currently she is, together with Dumelang Saleshando, a champion of a WHO campaign aimed at accelerating the reduction of infant mortality in Africa. Tumie leaves Yarona FM to join Orange Botswana as Public Relations Manager.


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