Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Twitter new challenge to Facebook

For many Batswana, Facebook has been the focal point for many social magnets to meet and connect themselves with many more around the world until Twitter invaded their networking world.

The battle seems to be well underway as more dangers are brought forward against Facebook.

The obvious benefits of Facebook are there for all to see but the downside, of course, is the amount of privacy lost through the details shared with unknown fellow users.

However, Twitter is different as it is more private with less information given and usernames being adopted, so one does not need to even use their real name.

Unlike Facebook the emphasis is sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings whereas its rival, Facebook, is surrounded by videos, photos and notes. Also with Twitter, you are free to use any language that you want whilst there are provisions when you are on Facebook.

Facebook seems to be used in a number of studies to prove that social networks diminish ones linguistic abilities.

“The advantage for me is that I don’t have to worry about knowing the person I’m talking to and I don’t need to know them like on Facebook,” said Dumisani Phiri, who has a Facebook and Twitter account.
On Twitter, however, one is able to keep in touch with their favourite stars and have them respond.

Very few, if any stars, are on Facebook talking to their fans.

The weekend Community Shield game between Manchester United and Manchester City was hyped up by Wayne Rooney’s comments on the importance of the game.

This not only helped build hype and anticipation but was great for fans who wanted to know what the Red Devils marksmen had in store.

A number of international superstars need not even be interviewed anymore, seeing as their tweets are now used as headlines, like the reactions of a number of celebrities to the recent death of Amy Winehouse.

Whether you are a Facebook user or any other social network user the perks of Twitter are there for all to see.


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