Sunday, May 26, 2024

Tylors’ indictment turns into a comedy of errors

Controversy riddled Botswana Football Association (BFA) seem destined to dominate news for the wrong reasons yet again. Ahead of suspended Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Goabaone Taylor’s hearing, issues of governance and ethics are flaring up.

Under scrutiny are issues relating to the appointment of the BFA disciplinary committee, charges brought against the suspended CEO as well as who the real complainant is. “The BFA president appointed the disciplinary committee to hear the allegations of misconduct, he is the complainant and the prosecutor,” a source within the BFA NEC said.

According to some BFA NEC members who commented on condition of anonymity, ‘during the NEC meeting that was held on the 6th January, the BFA president MacLean Letshwiti was the complainant in the CEO’s matter and informed the BFA NEC that he has suspended the CEO. At the said meeting with the NEC, the BFA president was alleged to have told the NEC that the CEO will be charged after the FIFA findings. “Contrary to what the NEC was told, the CEO was charged before the FIFA delegation findings,” the NEC source said.

Taylor is facing allegations of misappropriation of funds and emptying the BFA purse. According to the charge sheet, the CEO is accused of diverting P6.6 million from budgeted items as approved by the BFA general assembly. The money was for Covid relief fund and women football.

She is also accused of plunging the BFA into a P 2 million deficit. The money is alleged to have been diverted to operational costs that were not budgeted for and procuring goods and services which exceeded the budget.

She is also facing disciplinary charges for displaying disorderly conduct during the Orange FA cup semi-final between Gaborone United and Jwaneng Galaxy.

“On Thursday when the hearing started Alec Monyake Fela was the complainant. Why swap the complainant? The BFA NEC has never taken a resolution that they are complaining against the CEO and they have never been informed that Fela is the complaint nor will represent whoever is complaining,” said the NEC members.

BFA disciplinary committee on Thursday summoned Taylor to answer for alleged misconduct. The allegation has changed and now she has to answer for using the money for BFA activities without authority or knowledge of her principals.

On Thursday Taylor appeared before the three-man committee comprising, Leviet Ntwaagae, Lore Morapedi and Tshepo Phiri. “The hearing was deferred to Monday because the BFA did not give Taylor their report so that she could defend,” said the source within the BFA leadership.

According to sources at Lekidi, BFA headquarters, some of the BFA NEC members believe the move against the CEO is a witch-hunt orchestrated by the leadership to get rid of her.

“There is no how money can be used without the knowledge of the emergency committee. The BFA leader must tell the nation the truth,” said a source.

The FIFA delegation that come to Botswana to conduct the investigations found that no funds had been misappropriated.


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