Sunday, May 22, 2022

UB adjusts entry point for lecturers

The University of Botswana UB Vice Chancellor, Professor Thabo Fako, has confirmed that the UB Council has adjusted the entry point of academic lecturing staff from PhD to Masters Degree level in different departments.

Professor Fako stated that the UB Senate took the decision after observing that they were closing outside many Masters Degree holders who could do the job.

He said that in early 2008, the UB raised the minimum entry level for recruiting lecturers do PhD.
“We have waived it to enable different departments to accommodate Masters Degree holders and we want to operate in line with the international standards,” said Fako.

Professor Fako stated that the UB has structures which screen the academic programmes offered at the UB to order for the graduate’s qualifications to be relevant to different industries. He also urged the academic staff without PhD qualifications to go for further studies. He added that the UB values professionalism and ethical standards by upholding the highest professional and ethical behavior and through openness, honest and respect for the individual.

“Before, many lecturers taught here with low qualifications through dedication, efficiency and effectiveness,” said Fako.

Professor Fako stated that the UB academic staff has been excellently providing in the delivery of learning to ensure that the society is provided with talented, creative and confident graduates.
He stated that the UB Senate had not been expanded to include different heads of department, adding that the UB Council is operating as the governance structure which approves decisions at higher level.

“UB Senate is responsible for the academic matters and it does checkups for standards and quality for other needs,” said Fako.

Fako has previously served as Deputy Vice Chancellor at UB and has been in the Department of Sociology for a long time. His appointment places him as the fifth UB Vice Chancellor after Professor John Tuner, Professor Thomas Tlou, Professor Sharon Siverts and Professor Bojosi Otlhogile.

He took over from Professor Bogosi Otlhogile at the end of his contract in April this year.
Professor Fako has worked at the University of Botswana in various capacities since 1974 when he joined the then University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Meanwhile, Deputy Vice Chancellor Student affairs, Lydia Saleshando revealed that Fako’s inauguration is scheduled for September 1. She said the preparations for the event are underway.

“The details for the inauguration will be communicated to you but for now the date has been finalized,” said Saleshando.


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