Wednesday, June 19, 2024

UB, MoE judgment to be delivered on Wednesday

The case in which the Ministry Of Education is defending itself against the issue of UB students’ winter vacation allowances is set to be settled once and for all this Wednesday the 2nd September.

This comes after Monday’s hearing of the case in Lobatse before a special appeals board set to address the case.
Monday’s hearing follows the MoE’s decision to contest Justice Key Dingake’s order that the MoE back pays UB students their living allowances for the months of June and July, amounting to P3840.

The students, through their lawyer, Collen Mudara, of Kanjabanga and Associates, argue that the MoE abused the powers bestowed upon them by the contract they had with the students’ community.

Mudara argued that clause 14 of the contract signed by the two parties states that there shall be no alteration, variation, addition, cancellation, deleting or amendment, unless in writing and signed by both parties.

Gulubane Begani, representing the defendant, argued that the MoE did not have enough money nor any sources to raise the funds needed to pay the students over the vacation.

The Specials Appeals Board was set up to address the issue as, without it, the case would have waited for January next year. This is so because the Court Of Appeal meets twice a year.

With a compromise, the two parties agreed on during the previous court hearing, Wednesday’s decision will be final and unchallengeable.


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