Friday, July 1, 2022

UB suspends SRC members, expels one

The University of Botswana (UB) management has suspended three Students Representative Council (SRC) students for one academic year and expelled one student for two academic years, following a disciplinary enquiry in which they were charged with various acts of misconduct.

UB spokesperson, Mhitshana Reetsang, told The Telegraph that the disciplinary action was taken following the student disturbances of January 2012.

She said the students were found guilty of having engaged in misconduct when they were charged. He added that the disciplinary committee made a finding in respect of each student that they were guilty of some of the charges laid against them.

According to Reetsang, as a result, the provisions of the student code of conduct were applied with regard to the sanctions imposed against each student.

“During the period of expulsion and suspension, the concerned students are barred from entering any part of the University except with authorization of the University Management. The suspended students are at liberty to resume the University activities upon completion of their period of suspension,” she explained.

Reetsand further stated that the expelled student will have to apply for re-admission at the University upon completion of the period of expulsion.

“I can only confirm that three students have been suspended and one expelled from the University, but cannot disclose their names for now,” said Reetsang.

Contacted for comment, expelled former SRC president, Khumoetsile Richard, confirmed receiving a letter of expulsion, which means deregistration from the institution. “The letter highlighted that if I wish to reapply for studies, the UB reserves every right to either reject or accept my application,” he said.

He also revealed that the SRC had filed an urgent case (Tuesday) at Lobatse High Court before Justice Key Dingake, seeking interdiction and added that they can and are allowed to launch the appeal case in 14 days. He further said they want to do it while they are still in school before it closes for vacations.

“Most of the charges against us, particularly on me, do not appear in the student’s code of conduct handbook and management made up their own charges. We are not wrong and the strategy of the management is to silence the students and take away their voice,” said Richard.

He gave what he said are realistic problems at the UB, such as the messed up medical school. Other suspended SRC members include former vice president Tumo Seleke, administration secretary Tshepiso Bodilenyane and also former minister of Justice, Kago Mokotedi, each of whom got one year suspension from the Varsity.     


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