Wednesday, June 7, 2023

UB to host fundraising dinner for the needy in northern region

The University of Botswana branch in Francistown will host a fundraising dinner at Marang Hotel on March 22 this year to try and assist the needy in Francistown and surrounding areas.

The Coordinator of the Project, Moeti Vincent Kuchwe, who is also a lecturer at the university, revealed to the Telegraph in an interview on Monday that the project, which is the brain child of the institution, is aimed at meeting the needs of the underprivileged in line with the Vision 2016 pillar of “Compassionate and caring nation”.

“We are doing this project in collaboration with the corporate sector as a way of addressing the needs of the underprivileged people of our community, especially the north region,” he said.

Kuchwe revealed that they are expecting to raise at least P150 000 from the event. He said that they have liaised with the Social Welfare Department in Francistown to help them with a list of the needy who will be considered for assistance from the funds. He also added that people who will be assisted include albinos, the handicapped and the poor. “We already have a list of 12 underprivileged people who we are targeting to help,” he said.

Kuchwe said that they have invited the Vice Chancellor of the University of Botswana, Thabo Fako, and many other dignitaries in Francistown to grace the event.

He stated that the dinner tickets will range from P2 800 for the corporate sector, P500 for couples and P300 for individuals.

Kuchwe also said that the initiative, which began in 2010, has continued to gain support from different individuals and the corporate sector.

“At the moment, we are continuing to gain great support from organizations and individuals and we have decided to make this fundraising dinner annually,” he said.


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