Thursday, June 20, 2024

UDC to step up mobilisation around the country

The Umbrella for Democratic Change intends, during 2016, to step up the mobilization of citizens across Botswana, inspired by the party’s Mobilization Strategy crafted by the Mobilization stream/department of party.  The most recent UDC National Executive Meeting held in March, resolved to step up the party’s mobilisation drive around the country.  The UDC will step up ongoing efforts through a series of star-rallies or star activities led by various leaders of the UDC.  Several such teams have already been at work.  One of the teams is a team led by Cde Dr Margaret Nasha whose schedule is drawn to touch Francistown (this weekend on 10 April 2016), Kanye (1 May 2016), Gantsi (29 May 2016), Phikwe (8 May 2016), Mathethe (19 June 2016), Kgatleng (18 July 2016), Gabane (14 August 2016) and other parts around Botswana. Cde Duma Boko, Cde Ndaba Gaolathe, Cde Motlatsi Molapisi, Cde Richard Gudu, Cde Wynter Mmolotsi, Cde Same Bathobakae and other figures of the UDC will lead the other teams as the party embarks on mobilization activity across the country.  The party will publish various schedules as and when it is opportune to do so.

“Operation kgotetsa Moono” (the first phase of the UDC’s countrywide mobilization) is necessary to promote awareness of the national issues and challenges facing Botswana, and to give insights on what some of the solutions for these challenges could be.  The country tours or “Operation kgotetsa Moono” should also assist shed light on the current and key discussions in Parliament.  Importantly, the UDC is serious about planting the dream that it is possible to build a nation in which every citizen can reach their highest potential, and become anything they wish to become if they worked diligently and creatively at it. 

On the tours, the UDC will explain to the masses across the country what it means to craft a progressive, decentralised, efficient and effective Government.  The UDC teams will convey to the people the idea that the massive unemployment of our people especially the youth, will persist until meaningful steps to transform the economy take place.   The task of the UDC teams is also to disseminate UDC’s plans, once in Government, to focus on a more technical education system able to equip young people with the demands of the modern economy.  The UDC encourages citizens around Botswana from all walks of life, to attend these and other UDC star activities to assist nourish their own capacity to participate in the democratic process, and exercise their own power, subsequently, to bring change to Botswana.


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