Thursday, May 6, 2021

UDC wants to consolidate gains in Maun

Mochudi West MP Gilbert Mangole says the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) should look forward to an unsympathetic confrontation as soon as the UDC takes over government, come 2019.

Speaking at a political rally in Maun over the past weekend, Mangole said so many people, most of whom he referred to as “corrupt and fraudulent icons within the society”, will be held accountable and made answerable for their misdeeds.

He said once in power, the number one target, will be none other than the Director General of the intelligence services, Isaac Kgosi whom he said is living beyond his means. Mangole stated that there is currently too much carelessness within the DIS because the security organ is now owned and controlled by Kgosi and the BDP, something which he says will be brought to an abrupt end in 2019.

“Once in power, our first main task will be to re-program the DIS and make sure that this man and his associates are put away and spend time at a place suitable for them. They will dance to our tune. Mind you, we have questioned so many things at parliament based on the information supplied by the same people who surround him from time to time, but we have never been responded to. And in that way, we are going to revamp the constitution, and at the same time giving parliament powers to impeach the president whenever the need arises”, he said.

As it stands now, Mangole said both the BDP and the royal family in Serowe is divided over Khama’s decision to endorse Mokgweetsi Masisi as the Vice President, as they wanted the Khama legacy to continue. He noted that even in  parliament, Masisi has more enemies than friends because he is unpopular and not the people’s favorite. 

“Even BDP loyalists has discredited him. Remember we have friends even in the BDP.They are very transparent on the president decision and also believe he has erred. This therefore goes to show that when Khama leaves in 2018, it will be the end of the BDP, and the beginning of new things. Many of you here will be left totally surprised, more especially those of you who think the BDP is indispensable”, said Mangole.

He also urged the youth in Maun to show their readiness ahead of the 2019 general elections and help vote the BDP out. He said they had hoped to win both Maun East and West in the past elections, adding however that the UDC was left disillusioned as numbers showed that the BDP garnered most votes as compared to the opposition. Despite the insults hurled at Maun West MP Tawana Moremi by BDP stalwarts at a star rally attended by President Khama and party heavyweights in 2014, he said Batawana still went ahead and voted the BDP back, evidenced by the many seats occupied by the latter at the North West District Council. He advised that the youth particularly, should start doing house to house campaigns so as to build and increase the party’s popularity in the region.


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