Friday, December 3, 2021

Unik Construction donates 500 blankets to Monarch destitute in Francistown

Unik Construction, a Chinese company that deals with construction projects in Botswana, donated 500 blankets to the needy people of Monarch location in Francistown as part of its mandate of social responsibility.

Giving a speech at the Francistown City Council Civic Centre, the Managing Director of the company, Hungbo Wang, pointed out that, as a reputable company that has been involved with the construction of different projects in the country, they felt prompted to lend a hand in helping the needy.

“To pay back to the community we found it crucial to do such an initiative to meet our social responsibility and be compassionate to Batswana who are needy. This is our first project and we are still going to be involved in some more social projects,” said Wang.

He indicated that the Botswana government is always trying by all means to help the needy, especially in winter; therefore they felt it was of utmost importance to help the government.

Wang further stated that as Unik Construction Company they believed that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Francistown City Clerk, Mrs Kesentseng Kebabonye, highlighted that Unik Construction had set a milestone, by setting an example that humans needed to give a shoulder and a hand to fellow humans who are in need. She pointed out that as Francistown City Council they do not have sufficient resources to meet the needs of everyone who is in distress.

“People might have a negative perspective of the Francistown Council for not providing for everyone when it comes to registering all the needy people of Francistown only because the allocated resources are not enough to meet all the needs,” she said.

Kebabonye went further to highlight that the City of Francistown alone had 1900 orphans, 605 destitute, 700 students and 400 home-based care patients who needed to be helped. She indicated that Unik Construction had to be commended for its efforts to be exemplary, selfless and compassionate. She added that the little that the company had offered was important for other organizations and individuals to imitate.


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