Friday, July 19, 2024

Uproar in parley over shortage of books in schools

There was uproar in parliament this past week when the Tati East MP, Simon Guma Moyo, informed parliament that it was the responsibility of legislators to make sure that text books are availed in schools.

The legislator’s statement was criticised by MPs who questioned why MPs should be responsible for shortage of text books in schools┬á instead of┬áthe Ministry of Education.

Moyo had to retract his statement after a heated debate among MPs who were angry over the statement he had made.

Moyo also noted that the ruling Botswana Democratic Party should also take personal responsibility for the shortage of text books which could have resulted in students failing.

The MP noted that shortage of text books in his constituency was a prevailing situation.

He said that if it was not his effort to work with teachers and students, many pupils would fare badly in their exams.

The legislator further noted that despite challenges, the students from his constituency were able to excel despite the challenges of text books.

Francistown South MP, Winter Mmolotsi, castigated Moyo, arguing that the legislators  should not be held responsible for shortage of textbooks in schools.

Mmolotsi emphasised that the Ministry of Education was responsible for shortage of books which has resulted in students’ poor┬á performance this year.

The legislator blamed Minister Venson-Moitoi for threatening teachers while she knew very well that her ministry had failed to provide textbooks in schools.


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