Monday, May 17, 2021

Vee turns it a notch up with ‘Africa’ video launch

Anybody would have been forgiven for mistaking the scene at New Capitol Cinemas (Masa Centre) for a big blockbuster premier on Wednesday, August 9th. The pint sized house Kwasa kwasa musician Vee Mampeezy was at it again. 

This time around he filled up the cinema for the launch of his ‘Africa’ music video, from his latest offering, ‘Supernatural Vol 3′ album. The video is a continuation of Vee’s legacy of previous well-choreographed videos. But regrettably, Vee is still yet to produce anything better than his ‘Taku Taku’ hit. Taku Taku remains many people’s favourite and this was confirmed on Wednesday with the audience’s excitement at hearing a snippet of the song towards the end of the ‘Africa’ video. And if there was an unpleasant surprise in the new video, it has to be the conspicuous absence of Vee’s long time acrobatic dancer, Coming Soon, throughout the video. His five seconds role (if it was him) is at most, just a cameo.


Without a doubt the most successful musician in the country, Vee continues to elevate himself to even greater heights. “I want to take on Africa now,” he said. He has been nominated for an award at the AFRIMMAs (African Muzik Magazine Awards) with fellow compatriots Zeus, Punah Gabasiane, and Samantha Mogwe. 

Before presenting the video to the anxiously waiting audience, Vee explained the concept behind the video. And the audience had every reason to be anxious; it is not often one hits the cinema to watch a four minute clip.

“I asked the team not to include flashy cars and fancy stuff in the video,” he said. “I told them I wanted the video to be all about dance because that’s what the people want.” Although maintaining the up tempo house kwasa beat that has made him the house hold name he is, Vee’s lyrics have for the last couple of albums focused on spreading the gospel. Or what he calls positive music. “The reason I chose to start employing positive lyrics in my music had nothing to do with my being born again,” Vee said. He said he was inspired by the circumstances he found some young people during his tours around the country.


“Substance abuse, intergenerational sex, and teenage pregnancy among others,” he said. “I thought to myself, ‘you know what, maybe it is time I start singing about stuff that can inspire these young people to live positively’. My lyrics don’t destroy, they build.”

Music promoter and Vee’s first manager Zenzele Hirschfield sang the artist’s praises. She called him humble, virtuous and a hard worker. “You can always make it as a nation when you have young hardworking dynamites like Vee.”

Orange Botswana’s Mosarwa Molema said he had advised Vee against ditching school for music because he knew what a tough industry it was. He said Vee however proved him wrong. He said it was the musician’s perseverance and professionalism that inspired the support he has been getting from the mobile company. “I am very proud of Vee’s hard work and humility. We at Orange are proud to be associated with an artist of his calibre.”

He called on local artists to take their careers seriously and produce quality content every now and then in order to get sponsorship.

COSBOTS Chairman Solomon Monyame said Vee encapsulates all the qualities that make a successful artist. He said with COSBOTS the environment is now right for artists to reap rewards for their work. “As chairperson of COSBOTS I can assure you that it is indeed possible for a local artist to earn a million Pula a year from royalties provided consumers pay for the right to use the music.” He said Vee was among the highest earners of royalties because he works the hardest and produces new material every year. He called on the public to support local artists so royalties won’t have to be paid out to foreign artists.


Yarona FM Station Manager David Moepeng also praised Vee for his hard ‘work and dedication’. It was the youthful radio station that first played his music when Vee first broke into the industry over a decade ago. The new album celebrates Vees 12 years in the industry. The ‘Africa’ video was produced by renowned South African Nicky Compouys.


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