Monday, April 19, 2021

Violent lovers’ spat lends couple in the dock

A couple from Maruapula was this Friday arraigned before the Urban Customary Deputy Court President, Kgosi Motse Sebele, charged with affray.

Gloria Phatsima, 31, who is unemployed and from Phatsima Ward in Mmankgodi, and her boyfriend, Moses Tom, 27, a mechanic at CTO and from Mosepele Ward in Kanye, both pleaded guilty to the charges of fighting in public on November 22, 2006, at Maruapula.

State Prosecutor from Central Police Station, Constable Seleke, told the court that the two were arrested through the help of their next door neighbour, Mopati Bodikana, who had tried to stop the fight but failed. After the two lovers refused to listen to him and seeing that the two could easily kill each other, since they were using everything they could get hold of, including bins, Bodikana called the police.

Before passing the sentence Kgosi Sebele told the court that lot of lovers ended up killing each other in such fights. Sebele said he was not happy with the number of murder cases recorded in Botswana every month. He said the two were supposed to consult their parents instead of taking the law into their own hands.

He sentenced both of them to three months in jail, wholly suspended for nine months and advised the two to consult their parents instead of fighting each other.


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