Friday, March 31, 2023

Vision 2016 Excellence Awards given to outstanding citizens

The 27th of September 2012 was a night of glitz and glamour as many thronged the Gaborone International Convention Center to witness another edition of the presentation of the Vision 2016 Compliance and Excellence Awards to those individuals the nation feels are outstanding citizens who have lived the vision.

Termed “Living the Vision 2016”, the 2012 awards saw the youth of Botswana getting awards for their commitment to the vision. Awards were given to the winners in each category represented by the 7 pillars, which are An Educated and Informed Nation; A United and a Proud Nation; A Moral and Tolerant Nation, A Prosperous, Productive and Innovative Nation, A Compassionate, Just and Caring Nation and a Safe and Secure Nation.

A special Chairperson’s Award was given to Bokang Dithokwa, the producer of the BTV program, “Living the Vision.”

Outgoing Vision 2016 chairperson, Dr. Daniel Tau, encouraged those who were shortlisted but did not get any awards not to despair just because they were not chosen.

The Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Botswana, Gerard Mcovern, honoured the awards ceremony by being the guest of honour. While on the podium, he gave some encouraging words to Batswana, “Each one of us has a gift and we must discover what it is and go for it.”

He also singled out Botswana’s current shining stars, Olympic medal winner Nigel Amos and the fastest female athlete in Botswana, Amantle Montsho. He said that the two rose to the top through initiative, responsibility, perseverance and extremely hard-work.

“My request is only that I be able to have a photo with Amantle Montsho taken at the end of the night,” he said with a smile.

Jazz singer Nnunu kept the crowd entertained with some of her hits while dance groups, Flexiville and the Toddlerettes from Limkokwing University, brought some youthful vibe to the otherwise formal and white-tie event.


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