Tuesday, March 5, 2024

VTM football club, a small team with big dreams

As it has been said countless times, ‘ambition far exceeds talent’.

Ambition is touted as the most important ingredient to bring success. It overrides both talent and resources.

Over the years it has been proven that majority of people that have attained elite status and rewards were underdogs whose main drive was ambition. From the corporate world to sport, ambition has always been and will forever be the integral ingredient to greatness.

And from the look of things, the small yet fast growing football club in the Kweneng regional league, VTM football club is set to epitomise this. Since acquiring the Kweneng Regional Football Association (KRFA) first division status of the now premier league side Masitaoka Football club of Molepolole, VTM FC is seemingly not looking back.

This past week, the KRFA first division club, led by its chairman and founder Vincent Mafuta held a media engagement to speak to the press and the nation of their continued efforts to erect the building blocks to long term success and self-sustainability.

Having witnessed some local clubs go into the brink of extinction once financiers or founders quit or die, Mafutha and his board do not want VTM FC to follow the same route. The VTM board understands that lack of proper planning may ultimately lead to the collapse of their team.

“As we enter into the new season, every team that wants to grow needs to show by its preparations more so as we enter into the new season since sport being on halt. We at VTM have told ourselves that we want to build a team that will last forever without it depending on me as the director to survive,” Mafuta said.

To avoid such a scenario occurring, VTM has developed a set of policies which will help guide their operation as an institution. Mafuta highlighted that the policies put in place will help with recruitment of players, players welfare, protect the environment in which they operate to list but a few.

“We do not want to work haphazardly. We have managed to put five basic policies in place which we will be working by; this being marketing and communications framework, code of conduct for player, management and everyone associated with VTM FC, condition of service, youth development policy and we have vowed not only to perfect in field activities but to perfect the whole institution at large,” Mafuta explained.

Nonetheless, like any other football clubs’ vision being to be part of the premier league and managing to attain their position there, VTM has adopted a model which would allow it to reach its future goals.

The youthful owner said their target is to be in the first division for only two seasons, adding that they have a five to ten years strategic plan which will guide the club until it reaches the premier league.

“Many people have reached out to me asking me why we are not buying any status of in the higher tiers of football. Being a hard-working and ambitions club, I told them we do not want to skip and stage for we will get there someday,” he added.

“We are still learning from clubs in the league to see what we can do to be a better club going forward because running a football team is costly,” he said.

The courageous VTM FC owner went on to say that the club has already forged partnerships with some teams in Qatar as VTM will be eyeing to sell its players to the Qatar-based teams in future.


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