Saturday, December 9, 2023

Walk the talk – free spending Mogae urged

If you are looking for the most expensive cars in Botswana, look at the parking bays of parastatal organizations, government departments and councils ÔÇô Letlhakeng West MP Filbert Nagafela told Parliament this week.

Nagafela was urging President Festus Mogae to start with the man in the mirror before urging the rest of Batswana to curb their lavish spending. He said government should practice what it preaches and lead by example.

“I find President Mogae’s statement ironic as it is the same government that teaches Batswana to buy expensive vehicles and live beyond their means”, he said

Letlhakeng West MP says president Mogae’s government is too lavish and thinks nothing of buying new luxury cars when ever a new model enters the market. He argues that the millions of Pula that government intends spending on the President’s new jet was one of many examples of free spending at the government enclave.

The MP for Letlhakeng West said as a striving middle class country, Botswana should exercise caution on her expenditure and avoiding buying unnecessarily expensive vehicles.

On other issues pertaining to the president national speech, Nagafela says he supports the government decision to safe guard tourism and the diamond industry adding the two bring about tangible developments.

He urged the government to extend such developments to rural areas particularly Letlhakeng area which he says lags behind on developments.
Nagafela also urged the government to help former parliamentarians whose contribution to the development of the country can not be disputed.


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