Saturday, July 2, 2022

Water well allegedly poisoned in family dispute

A family dispute resulted in the alleged deliberate contamination of a water well in Sekoma Village near Jwaneng Township.

Police have since closed down the well.

Speaking to The Telegraph on Monday, the headman of Sekoma Village, Kekailwe Tesiso, confirmed that recently a water well in his village was contaminated with an unknown substance, adding that since they did not know what was thrown into the well, police had collected samples for laboratory testing.

“The well will be closed until the results have been released,” he said.

The village headman said there is an ongoing three-way dispute among three families over the well and he suspects that this might have contributed to the well being contaminated.

The dispute was brought before the Customary Court and the families were advised to go back and sort out their differences first. They were also given some options to assist them in resolving their differences amicably.

The headman further said the act was barbaric and, if the water samples can test positive, the perpetrators must be brought to book.

He indicated that the well was used by both people and livestock, particularly when the stand pipes are dry.

Mabutsane Police Station Commander, Superintendent Pontsho Kgotlafela, said her station was investigating the case, adding that the matter was reported to the police after the users of the well noticed some changes in the water.

“The complainant noticed that the water had a terrible smell and we took water samples for forensic analysis,” Kgotlafela said.


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