Saturday, May 25, 2024

WEC seeks external help to grow wrestling sport

Wrestling Entertainment Championship (WEC) is eyeing neighbouring countries’ markets to help it grow, Pro Wrestling Africa (PWA) president, Moagi Sharp has revealed.

WEC is a pro wrestling company that was registered in Botswana in 2018. The company was meant to be a vehicle to drive the commercialisation of wrestling in the country.

Speaking in an interview with this publication, Sharp says the move to go outside came as small sporting codes in Botswana ‘are not given the right platform to grow.’

Sharp believes the growth of sports such as wrestling is stifled as attention is given to the traditionally big sporting codes. He says Batswana have effectively ruled out the capability of wrestling representing the country and bringing in medals.

“Wrestling will not grow as a code if the sport bodies focus on big sport codes only. WEC has established a wrestling company in South Africa, the country has a huge opportunity of excellence for pro wrestling. After that WEC will be kick-started in Lesotho and Namibia,” he says.

The PWA president says he expects WEC South Africa to partner with other companies doing professional wrestling in the country. He says WEC is forced to try other methods to revive the code. Moreover, he says sport is not given that much priority in the country.

“WEC South Africa have potential companies interested in helping with sponsorship for pro wrestling in Botswana,” he says. “The sponsorship is mostly in terms of equipment. This will help pro wrestlers who are ready to compete in a wrestling ring.”

With not so much funds coming their way, Sharp says wrestling has been forced to stop some of its activities in the country to preserve the little they have ahead of the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

He says he does not expect WEC to host any tournament from now onwards until next year. He goes on to add that Namibia had invited the local pro wrestlers for a tournament but there are no funds to cover the trip. Sharp says the national wrestling championship has also been cancelled due to insufficient funds. In the meantime, he says WEC will only manage to host training camps for pro wrestlers who are based in Gaborone.


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