Monday, August 10, 2020

What does SADC really do and how much is it costing us?

I am unable to move away from wondering what kind of relationship SADC countries have with each other.

I would like to know how they bandage each other’s wounds, inflicted on themselves by themselves.                                                                                                                         

I really would like to know how they collectively make decisions, most of which go against several of their own members yet, at the same time, issue communiqués that blame everybody else except those of their own members who they allow to behave in ways that retard regional advancement while continuing to put negative pressure on most of their own member states that are suffering and are fighting big hurdles to survive.

I am unsure about this myopic regional cooperation, declared to supposedly cater for the welfare of SADC citizens, protect them and improve and uplift their living standards.

If SADC was brought into being to ravage Africa’s sub-continent, it is doing an excellent job and deserves a winning medal on behalf of whoever sent them.

Without even confining SADC from the point of its origin to today, it would be interesting to know what achievements this organization brought to the citizens of this region in the last three or four decades.

How much has SADC spent on its own existence? How many and which problems has it solved? What long-term projects has it introduced, in how many countries, at what cost?

In short, is SADC necessary and can it really justify its existence?

The SADC region has never known any calm; issues and problems have always been sprouting up in one spot or other but I am not aware of any place in which SADC played a role to bring peace or solve real problems.

Does SADC worry about the situation in DR Congo, for example? What is SADC doing about the internal conflicts in that country, the abuse of innocent villagers? Does SADC have a role to play in attempts to control Ebola?

Zambians and Zimbabweans are abused by their governments, has SADC done anything about this?

Does SADC care about election outcomes that are contested, such as in Zimbabwe and Malawi?

When was the last time that SADC intervened when a government abused and/or killed its defenseless citizens?

If SADC cares about human rights, how come it always comes up in support of a perpetrating government and not on the side of the abused citizens?

We cannot keep pretending; SADC cannot keep pretending. SADC is a useless retrogressive organization that needs to be disbanded immediately because SADC retards regional economic and political development.

Just like the African Union, SADC is a phony cave in which people who have little desire for civic contribution hide, riding on the backs of suffering citizens, old men, women and children, without offering them any respite or directing them where their lives can be saved and their children can be protected.

What really does SADC do and how much is it costing us?

Positive change will come to the sub continent as soon as SADC is disbanded.

What I have noticed is that from its inception by a different name, SADC has shown no commitment to uphold its own aims and goals but, instead, turned itself into a disgusting colony of natives eager to serve and wipe the behinds of the same leaders who are working against all the supposed intentions of this organization.

I find if frighteningly hurtful and just damn right disgusting that a group of leaders representing almost half of Africa can sit down and agree among themselves to form an organization that ignores the suffering of the region’s citizens; heads of state who assemble patsies that exist for the sole purpose of travelling around the world doing nothing about the suffering of their own people.

That having been said, I am extremely concerned that not only SADC but individual members of this disgusting conglomerate of badly intentioned states are the greatest threat to the well-being of millions of helpless households, men, women and children. Yet they point fingers away from themselves and blame countries and nations that sustain them with aid, financial or otherwise, complete with the hated expatriates.

The worst part about SADC is not that they just do not do anything; by its sheer existence, SADC erected a buffer between those who need the services and protection it says it offers regional citizens and those who stand willing to help SADC citizens.

We have heard so many times when concerned nations from far afield offered to help only to be told to go through SADC. Even the UN has to go through SADC or notify them. Those who take shortcuts are made to sit in the lobby for hours and days just so they can be “allowed” to help desperate people but when its talked about, it is always credited to SADC “that brought or sourced assistance for the people”.

I cannot forgive SADC for protecting the murder of Zimbabwe; I cannot forgive SADC for shielding from view of those who would like to help those families in the region that it ignores.

Yes, positive change will only come to the sub continent as soon as SADC is disbanded.

*Tanonoka Whande writes in his personal capacity.


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