Thursday, January 21, 2021

What is going on in Malaysia?

A first year student from the University of Limkokwing in Malaysia died after he fell from an unknown floor of the student residence, Desaria Villa, in the early hours of Thursday October 27 2008.

It was alleged that he had fallen from the 5th floor where he was staying but this has yet to be established because he was alone at the time of his fall.
This incident is the 2nd of its kind following another one when a student fell from the 9th floor of the same building hardly two weeks before.
“No one really knows how this guy fell. We really do not know. We are just afraid,” one traumatized student said.
It is understood that the student was found dead by the cleaning staff around 7 am, following a night of drinking with his friends.

Three Batswana students have died at Limkokwing Malaysia in just a period of three weeks and this has created an atmosphere of panic among the Botswana community, especially the new September intake, another senior student said.
Meanwhile, some senior officials from the Ministry of Education and Skills Development are said to have visited the University of Limkokwing where they addressed the students.

“All they talked about is money, memorandum, discipline, while we have social problems that they could be addressing,” one student, who was at the meeting but who refused to be named, said.

It is understood that during the meeting, which was attended by delegates from the Ministry of Education, among them deputy PS Ms Maphorisa, students had complained about the unavailability of counseling centers within the school campus.

The idea being that most of the students who are sent there are still very young and emotionally vulnerable, therefore, need a smooth transition from the care of their parents to learning to be independent.
The students themselves have mixed reactions towards Malaysia.

Wame Sefudi says that Malaysia has not been that bad save for the few moments where she felt that they were treated like animals to the extent of having negative things written about them on the internet and even broadcast on national television.

She was referring to an incident that caused an uproar from parents with children at Limkokwing after Batswana students were caught by TV3 cameras, drunk and misbehaving at their university residences.

The student went on to say that the quality of education is not worth the taxpayer’s money, saying that it just encourages laziness and that they are not really motivated to do their best or to study.

She lambasted the students’ representative council saying that it is not doing enough to cater for the students’ interests.

Efforts to get comments from the Limkokwing SRC president were futile.
On the other hand, another student, Phenyo Leetile, commenting on the deaths of his fellow students said that the deaths will stop as soon as students start behaving themselves.
“Alcohol related deaths will only stop when students learn to drink responsibly,” he said.

The recent deaths have prompted quite a good number of students to consider moving out of Desaria Villa.

According to the accommodation contract, students are allowed to move out of the residence only after six months of staying but because of the panic that has engulfed the students, they have opted to move out earlier even though this will mean that they will be paying double for accommodation.

There are currently 850 students in Limkokwing University Malaysia undertaking courses in Design, Communications and IT.


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