Monday, August 15, 2022

What is the best cure for infidelity?

Infidelity has become part of most marriages, especially when one thinks that their partner won’t find out about their indiscretions.

Nonetheless, what surprises me more are the methods that people bring into play in a bid to fight infidelity in their marriages.

From some interviews I conducted, I gathered that many people have converted to the apostolic sects, witchdoctors and modern surveillance methods.

It emerged that the majority of the respondents have converted to the Apostolic Faith sects that have mushroomed all over the city.

They cite “the psychic powers imbued in the prophets”. Through a practice common in the apostolic sects where the prophets separate the evil from the good doers as a means to enforce Christian living, the secret things that partners do behind their spouses’ back come to light.┬á

One member of the apostolic sect told me that “the method works because everybody is mandated to pass through this gauge, where infidels are separated from Jerusalem”.

“All those that want to be promiscuous can’t do so because of the church’s practice for they have to stick to their matrimonial beds.”

They claim the method is a watertight method as nothing escapes the eyes of the prophet.
“Nothing escapes the eyes of the prophets,” another apostolic sect member said. “The skies have eyes and everything is revealed by the Spirit.”

In addition to this method, they are given ‘sacred stones and water’ to use.
Should we say we have become a generation of mistrustful lovers?

From snooping through a lover’s phone, looking for that indiscrete text message, to dropping in on partners at odd times of night; people will go to great lengths to make sure that their partner is not straying.

A method that really shocked me was that of men who are said to “lock” their wives.

A foreign medicine man who specializes in this type of medicine said the method is a traditional practice where the man uses traditional medicine from a traditional doctor to make sure that if any man strays into his territory during his absence there will be hell to pay.

He said the two of them cannot come apart after their session of love making.

“In all of these cases, the husband has to undo the “locking” or death will surely ensue in the case of the man who partook of his wife,” he said.

He, however, noted that the method is popular with older people and suggested that newlyweds should try the method as it ensures honesty in relationships.

He cited that having sex with a “locked” woman can result in the man urinating termites out of his member.

“It is a very painful experience as the termites bite as they try to make their way out,” he said.
He said he gives out love portions to women mostly.

“I give portions that are put in food, into the women private parts and lotions to apply onto their bodies,” he said.

Those with access to more modern technology have their own methods of tracking their partners’ infidelity.

Should positive behavior amongst spouses come about as a result of surveillance mechanisms of some sort?

What is the best cure for infidelity?

One “modern” professional of our society confirmed that “I also count on surveillance of some kind and, just like the Apostolic sects, I wouldn’t mind some supernatural mechanism to ensure faithfulness from my partner.”

But are these methods effective or its just useless effort?
One thing is for sure though: all these techniques have not stopped spouses from straying from their beds.

Actually, it’s getting worse.


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