Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What you put on your feet will be ‘Ra’locha

From pursuing a medical degree in China to being a shoe designer, Aone Ditirwa exemplifies what it is to make time for your aspirations. An avid fashion enthusiast, Ditirwa recently launched her luxury shoe line “Ra’ locha”.

She says shoe design came almost as a second instinct “To begin with, I am obsessed with shoes. Consequently, I wanted to work on something that I am genuinely passionate about and something I can put my heart into. I’ve always believed that a lady’s shoe collection will inevitably communicate her identity in terms of style,” Ditirwa says.

“Ra’ locha”, a Sebirwa greeting that translates to (we greet you or dumelang), was inspired by the thoughtfulness and sincerity encapsulated in the word, explains the designer “The signifi cance of the word lies in its integrity as it is usually directed to elders or people of a renowned status. It comes naturally to us Babirwa to kneel, bow our heads and clap our hands slightly as we greet our fore bearers. In this light, I wanted to create a product that would offer its buyers a similar feeling of prestige, class and respect.”

The shoe line can be best described as contemporary and chic. With a medical mind for what is best comfortable, she states that the shoes’ selling point is their sophistication and comfort “Growing up as a frequent beauty pageant participant, walking in heels was mandatory and I always wished for the ideal kind of shoe, comfortable and stylish. As a style blogger and fashion lover I attend Fashion Weeks as far as London and China which keep me informed on what’s trending.”

Highlighting that perhaps her biggest challenge will be competing with international brands, she is adamant to make her label appeal to women who find elegance alluring.

“The pre-launch has been a defi nite highlight so far. It was an exclusive gathering attended by local style figures, fashion artists and social media infl uencers, all of whom have played a key role in fuelling anticipation and raising

awareness for the brand,” adds the designer.

“Ra’ locha” Luxury Shoes will collaborate with local stylists, shoe designers, fashion artists and celebrities with a fresh and distinct perspective on style, to give the brand diversity and at the same time help promote local talent.

“At the moment I am focusing on attaining my Medical Degree, exploring opportunities in the creative writing fi eld and establishing ‘R’alocha’ as a dignifi ed local brand. By the time I have completed my studies, I aim for “Ra’ locha” to be an established and renowned brand regionally and internationally. I would also like to expand and cater for the men with a luxurious men’s range. Batswana seem really eager to buy and support local stuff which inspires me to deliver on my part,” she says.


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