Thursday, September 24, 2020

Where is Barata Phathi?

Feeble, pathetic and vulnerable is what this lot has become.

That is how I would respond if I were asked to describe the Barata-Phathi faction of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) in one word.

Their demise, however, is some self wreaked fate. It is not that the other faction has suddenly become stronger or wiser.

In fact, the other faction is as sluggish and uncertain as it has always been. With the departure of one of their master minds (to join ‘pure’ government), the A-team has been dealt a serious dent. Whether people will continue labeling it as Nkate-Merafhe faction is an obvious guess.

The real demise of the Barata-Phathi faction has been birthed out of a womb of the fear of death! Those familiar with Homer’s Odyssey will catch the flow. In Steve Biko’s philosophy, one must first kill the fear of death in their minds, if they must lead a fruitful struggle against all forms of injustices and abuse. It was Biko’s contention that if a man is not ready to accept his death at the hands of his opponents then he is not ready to lead the ‘struggle’ against abuse to humanity. This is called self sacrifice or martyrdom in the language of Gandhi and other like minded fellows.

The Barata-Phathi faction missed this point. They chose to excommunicate their selves hoping to hide away from death, only to fall right on the death trap their self inflicted fate has prepared for them! How sad and laughable! Sometimes that is the end result of trying to appease the devourer, hoping you will be eaten last. You run the risk of putting off your guard and wishing for your enemy to forgive you of all your sins of the past. Unfortunately in politics it is dog eat dog. Shaka, King of the Amazulu christened the concept total warfare.
The Barata-Phathi were discommoded when they, amongst themselves, started shelling off and backstabbing one another in the hope of some lucrative offers from the other faction.

Certainly some did get some offers, but the bottom line was never to make them survive but rather to dissipate their tribe. The Barata-Phathi ought to have known from the onset that they have the backing of the masses of the BDP. The masses have bestowed so much trust on them during their Kanye congress. They were hoisted up as the Messiahs to save this country from the peril that it now finds itself at its doorsteps. The ‘struggle has been betrayed’ again. The masses have been left in the lurch. I bet the masses of the BDP are asking themselves what is the purpose of having a leadership so tame. A leadership that when the going gets tough, seeks solace from the wings of the devourer. A leadership that is best described by Paul Rantao in his book Makatolole No 1 as ‘an appeaser’ leadership.

Many questions cross my mind about the Barata-Phathi dominated Central Committee of the BDP. With due respect, were they really worth all the hullabaloo and ‘voodoos’ that the ordinary members of the BDP bestowed upon them on that fateful July day in Kanye? Do you still remember dear reader that this is the lot that aroused our emotions prior to Kanye with ‘constitutional liberty’ and ‘in defense of the constitution’ mumbo jumbo and promissory slogans? What has since happened to that krag that they so much criss-crossed the country displaying? It was not just three people, remember? It was a whole battalion of BDP artillery clad in all the red, black and white designer regalia you may think of. Where has the many since gone? They feared for their death at the hands of the other faction and they died in their self made cocoons, mostly out of fear and cowardice. This is the lot that Moupo would refer to as having no pride! Shame on you guys and shame on your political graves! No historian will ever mention your family names in good mood. Impotent!

Moruntshi Q.K.J


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