Thursday, July 18, 2024

Why do Africans love sex so much?

Dear Editor

Africans have a large appetite for sex.
They will go miles to satisfy their sexual hunger pangs.

As sex is portrayed as a universal basic need, in Africa it is mentioned in the same breathe as shelter, food, and clothing or even at the top of the list.
One thing is certain – Africans love and value sex, perhaps that’s how they have been brought up.

African Monarchies, bo rre Mswati, pride themselves with palaces swarming with a bevy of wives with countless children, some of whom he can’t identify.
It is disturbing to see the escalating number of school dropouts in African schools due to pregnancies.

How many women have been employed or moved up the corporate ladder in exchange for sex (serope) at the expense of deserving and competent ones?
It is a common scenario for an African man to have a wife and a concubine, a small house, or a spring chicken as they call them, to soothe his insatiable sexual appetite.

Many will concur with me in every office with internet access that pornography is the order of the day; something that works against productivity in Africa.
History tells us that during the times of Difecane/Mfecane (Scramble for Africa) strong tribal groups stole cattle and women from weaker ones.
These women were then used as sex slaves.

In our country alone, every day a publication carries a story about rape, defilement, or a couple divorcing because the other spouse is sleeping around.

I came across the following headlines in last week’s issue of the voice: “Man rapes a pregnant donkey”, “Herd boy attempted to rape a minor” and “A habitual rape convict facing more charges”. How pathetic!

Africa is infested with the Aids pandemic and other sexually transmitted ailments as compared to the rest of the world; a clear manifestation of our obsession with sex.

We are regarded as a culpably unproductive race, economic slaves that are continuously depending on other communities despite our enormous natural resources.

This obsession hinders the development of our continent.
Re akanya ka letheka.
The economic dysfunction of the black race can never and will never be solved if we constantly cloud our minds with sex.

Some people argue that the prime reason why Africans have these sexual tendencies is because sex in Africa is readily available, in clubs, bars, workplace (office sex) almost everywhere. You can get it anytime and almost from anybody, especially if you have financial muscle.

In one of the researches conducted by students in one of the Universities in Nigeria in 2005, it was found out that poverty and sex are Siamese twins – they go hand in hand.

A single poor African woman would have more than four kids with different men as opposed to a white married woman who would opt for one or two as maximum with the same father.

With this obsession, we are architects of our own misfortunes as we lead in HIV statistics world wide.

Recently there has been bickering and clicking of tongues pertaining to the legalization of prostitution.
I was taken aback by a comment made by one of my colleagues when he said, “If there is anything more enjoyable than sex modimo o se ipeetse.”

Sex rules Africa. It has Africa by its balls.

Hosiah Motlhalawapitse


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