Monday, May 27, 2024

Why do people go to the gym?

Recent developments in Botswana, and indeed in the world, have contributed to people becoming fitness fanatics and visiting the gym more frequently than before.

First there came concerns that many people were overweight, and sometimes obese, to an extent that they risked diseases like hypertension, sugar diabetes and heart failure.

And so it was that Batswana found time within their busy schedule and started engaging in much more exercise. Many people started jogging and doing aerobics. But most people went to the gym because it offered comprehensive packages.

The gym became the in-thing for young and old alike.

Instead of making a stopover at the bar after a busy day at work, people started going to the gym to pump some iron or hit the tread mill.

Keeping fit is very important.

While some may argue that women are more concerned about their weight than men, the fact is that men no longer go to the gym just to grow some muscles, but rather to keep fit.

In fact, some have opined that women, who are more often obsessed with their weight and how they look than men, should go to the gym instead of dieting. Dieting often just solves an eating disorder, while exercising is healthy in that it helps one to burn fats and calories while maintaining a healthy heart and reducing chances of cardiac failure.

Of course a leaner individual looks much healthier and attractive than someone who is overweight. But the primary reason should be good health.

Wight loss and good looks also improve how one feels about him/herself, and generally evokes a happier, more hardworking and more positive outlook in life.

Felling good increases one’s self confidence. Therefore one can positively say that the gym is the place where one can go to suck on some inspiration. Again, it is always easier, and more fulfilling for beginners to work out with a crowd instead of doing it alone.

Anthony Pearce, a fitness instructor at Gaborone West Fitness Centre says their clients come to the gym for many reasons including, strength, body building, losing weight, body toning and also for keeping fit. He added that some can come to the gym only to work on their tummy while some would just want to build six packs.

He however advised people to work on the body as a whole to build strength and stamina. He urged people not to go to the gym to lose weight, but rather to tone their bodies.

“One can still be overweight if they don’t watch the kind and amount of food they eat,” he said.
Lawrence Maretele, a member at Gaborone West Fitness Centre says he goes to the gym to maintain his body shape and keep healthy. Amanda Marumo who goes to the same gymnasium says she trains to maintain her body shape. She says being overweight is not good for one’s health as you are at the risk of getting diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.


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