Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Win a Hot Stone Back Therapy

Quest For Beauty Spa are offering three vouchers for hot stone back therapy to Sunday Standard readers. Hot stone therapy uses stones known as basalt stones, which are found around volcanic areas and sought for their excellent heat retaining properties. They increase blood circulation, therefore improving lymphatic circulation for waste removal.

Quest For Beauty’s Hot Stone Therapy is good for individuals who suffer muscle spasms, as it relaxes their muscles without extra pressure from the normal Swedish massage. One gets the best of both worlds (heat and essential oils). You can choose different aromatherapy oils like lavender for relaxation or peppermint oil for muscle tension.

Other services offered include, facial treatments, body treatment and slimming programs, and they can be located at Unit 19, The Craft Centre, Broadhurst Industrial. Tel/Fax: 3182804

To win a voucher for a Hot Stone Back Therapy, please answer the following question:

What rocks are used for Quest For Beauty’s Hot Stone Therapy?

To enter the competition, send the correct answer to the above question to [email protected]

Please do not forget to include your full name and phone number.

The winners of branded stainless steel ice buckets from last week’s competition are:

Samson Macha
Richard Kedisaletse
Robert Mosweu
Gobitsa Gape
Gabriel Mpofu
Joseph Makwinja
Shatho Mathangwane
Kabo Serojane

They correctly answered last week’s question (What is the fastest method to chill wine?) using an ice bucket filled with half ice and half cold water, in a bucket deep enough so that the bottle be submerged up to its neck.

You may collect your prize from Sunday Standard, Commerce Park, Plot 104, Moores Rowland, Unit 21.

Remember to bring proof of identity.


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