Friday, October 23, 2020

Win a party with Mr O! Competition

It has been long in the making but the greatest party concept to ever hit Botswana is finally here.

After his long awaited debut album, house impresario, leader of the new school of definitive house music and longstanding member of the music and DJ scenes in Botswana, Mr O’s album is finally on sale at Musica in Game City.
The music store, which is known for only selling Top 20 albums from around the world, has finally agreed to and has received stock of Mr. O’s Tshaba Tshutshu album.

“While that announcement is in itself welcome news for local music, there is a catch to it. With Musica only catering to Top 20 music from around the world, it has been almost impossible to see local music on their shelves. But now that we are there, we are now asking Batswana to take this opportunity and show their support,” said Tshepo ‘Rox’ Sikwane, of Big Dawg Productions.

According to Rox, the procedure for local artists to get their albums sold at Musica is that they will have to go to Musica’s head office in Cape Town to pitch the album, an act which is very difficult for the overwhelming majority of local artists, labels and studios.

“So far, I can only remember DJ Sid being the only one that was successful at selling his album at Musica. Since Musica don’t have a return policy albums that don’t sell get trashed! So now that we are in there, let us go and support Mr O with the incentive of winning a once-in-a-lifetime party,” said Rox.

Therefore, in an effort to boost sales and inspire Batswana to support Mr O’s album, which hit the shelves at Musica today, Big Dawg Productions is running the Win-a-Party-with-Mr. O!
Competition. Between today and the first week of December, Batswana are implored to swarm to Musica and buy a copy of Mr O’s Tshaba Tshutshu to stand a chance to win.

“You go to Musica, buy a copy of the album and get entered into a draw. A raffle will be held in the first week of December to announce the lucky winner. That person will be in the most enviable position in Botswana for the festive season,” said Rox.

In store for the lucky winner is a night of first class entertainment at his or her choice of location. For one night only, the lucky winner and his or her invited guests will be serenaded with sounds from the irrepressible Mr O, DJs O’Neal, Kels, and Mac D.

Also in store are: Channel O Awards nominee Zeus, for whom Batswana are reminded to continue voting for to bring home the coveted Best Hip Hop Video award; and the six DJs who won the Proud Music nation-wide DJ competition.

“The lucky winner will also get an outfit sponsored by a clothing store at Riverwalk Mall called Blue Line, a bouncer at the door or gate, five Page 3 Girls from the Voice, a hairdo if the winner is a female, and a free cellphone with P150 units to call and invite his or friends.
After the draw in December, the winner names the house, we bring the entertainment,” added Rox.


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