Thursday, February 22, 2024

Word of advice to Harry Mothei

Dear Editor

Well, after all is said and done, the problem with heavy traffic in the capital city, Gaborone, still persists and seems to be far from over.

After all the good work done by our traffic officers, I am rather disappointed with what our Gaborone Mayor, Rre Harry Mothei, said on Btv News of March 26, 2007. He said that residents in Gaborone must start using bicycles to commute to work, etc.

This sounded like a statement from a man new in office and already running out of ideas of how to tackle the situation. He is pressing his panic buttons before time.

Rre Mothei, our roads are neither sufficient to meet the demand nor well designed to accommodate both cyclists and motorists.

If Mothei?s idea would be tested or implemented, we would lose lives and have lots of casualties on our roads.

Can you imagine someone or you, Rre Mothei, getting to your office, sweating and out of breath, after cycling and ready to get into a meeting with the Minister?

You would definitely be unproductive to say the least.

Word of advice, my brother, this would not work as we would need offices to provide showers and one would need to carry a change of clothes, toiletry, etc.

Therefore, heed my advice and create a new workable ?instant? formula suitable for all; pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and even the physically disadvantaged.

Once more, Rre Mothei, let?s not be in a panic mode.

Instead engage influential business intellectuals, like Mr. Dada, Mr. Willy Kathurima, Mr. Masitara, Mr. Monty Chiepe, Mr. Setshwaelo, Mr. Odirile Merafhe, Mr. Lesang Magang, Mr. Delly Matenge, Mrs. Ketlogetswe and even myself, too, just to mention but a few.

All councilors, MPs from Gaborone and its outskirts, dikgosi, CEOs, bank managers, academics across the board, Permanent Secretaries and not forgetting our Foreign Missions representatives, who would throw in a word or two of advice drawing from their international experiences.

If all these stakeholders would sit for a brainstorming session, we would have a deliverable solution.

This project should embrace flyovers, spaghetti roads into the City Centre from Kgale View, Mogoditshane and Sebele areas to ease or solve our traffic dilemma and, as a result, attract tourists and more investors. However expensive the venture, it is surely worthwhile, since it is a lifetime investment and is an affordable solution at this point in time. If some other poor countries can afford safe and modern roads, why not us?
Sir, I am not trying to teach you how to do your job, I am just airing my humble opinion of which I, together with other equally concerned citizens and road users, think that this matter should be highly prioritized and acted upon immediately.
We await your call with baited breath so we can start implementing this long awaited project that is in most Batswana?s minds.

Good luck in all your deliberations and God Bless!



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