Monday, July 22, 2024

WUC aims to overcome water reform challenges

The Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) says the take over from various councils throughout the country as the water authority is not without challenges.

Matida Mmipi, WUC’s Corporate Communications Manager, said that these challenges include technology compatibility as the various councils are using different systems for revenue collection.

She said it takes WUC time to interface the systems, resulting in delayed bills for some customers.
The delays have resulted in customers complaining about high rising water bills, especially in the villages of Tlokweng, Mogoditshane and Ramotswa.

Mmipi says there is slow progress regarding former Department of Water Affairs and council customers signing the Water Supply Management Agreements with the corporation.

“The existing infrastructure is largely below the standard that the Corporation has operated at and there is therefore a need to upgrade infrastructure in the villages that the Corporation is taking over,” says Mmipi.

Under Phase 4 of the Water Sector Reforms Programme, t he WUC began to take over the water supply and waste-water management in over 135 villages around the country since April this year.


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