Wednesday, May 22, 2024

WUC cautions against some “Bottled water”


The water utility cooperation has questioned the quality of what it calls “mushrooming bottled water” in local the market.

The corporation also argues that its tap water is of better quality compared to some of the bottled water sold in local retail stores.

It is said that WUC’s Mmamashia Laboratory has asserted that contrary to some certain beliefs tap water provided to most of the households was of better quality compared to bottled water.

WUC  Chief Executive Officer – Mmetla Masire indicated that the tests that were undertaken at the laboratory which was accredited this week by SADC Accreditation Service (SADCAS) for microbiological analysis and chemical analysis has shown that WUC water quality was far much better than the bottled water.

Masire said that WUC supplied water goes through rigorous testing at the laboratory before it is supplied to the customers.

Meanwhile Masire said that the SADCAS accreditation clearly gives an assurance to customers about the quality of water that they are providing as the cooperation. 

“ People usually rush to point fingers to us when there are cases of diarrhoea and with the presence of the laboratory that has been accredited we will be able to test water before providing it to our customers,” Masire said.

SADC Accreditation Services Chief Executive Officer – Maureen Mutasa said that the internationally recognised accreditation is intended to help the cooperation to provide safe water which is a human right.

“Water is an essential part of everyday life and clean water is a basic and crucial human rights issue. The key issues of concern with drinking water are whether the water is safe,free of parthogens,toxins and contaminants, “added Mutasa.

She also noted that the accreditation of the laboratory was important since the WUC laboratory support the regulatory functions of Water Utilities Corporation as parastatals mandated with the supply and distribution of water.

According to her the use of accreditation is expanding both in terms of greater reliance by regulators and business. She argued that in many economies accreditation is being embraced by governments as a mandatory activity in many regulated areas because of the benefits accreditation brings to help governments meet their responsibilities and safeguard the public and protect the environment.


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