Wednesday, March 22, 2023

WUC embarks on massive disconnections for unpaid water bills

The Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) says it is embarking on a massive disconnection drive for unpaid water bills countrywide.

The Corporate and Communications Manager, Matida Mmipi, told The Telegraph that WUC has been communicating with its customers and notified them to settle their bills to avoid disconnections.

She added that the WUC standard procedure for customers is to pay water bills every monthend when they are due.

“Queries of water bills are on individual basis and we solve them as they come forth and when they have been brought to our attention,” said Mmipi.

Mmipi further revealed that Water Utilities Corporation is owed over P243 million in unpaid water bills by its customers throughout Botswana.

The WUC spokesperson pointed out that it is from its water sales revenue that the Corporation finances its operations and ensures the highest possible standards of drinking water as well as offer an uninterrupted water supply service to its customers. She added that it is, therefore, important that its customers pay for the services provided.

“We do not have a minimum amount for the disconnections for unpaid bills but we target defaulters and high arrears,” Mmipi explained.┬á┬á

She also pointed out that disconnecting customers’ supply is the last option in the Corporation’s efforts to collect outstanding bills. She observed that the industrial sector is consuming a lot of water because of their sizes, stating that the corporation has been issuing notice cards to its customers as a reminder to pay due bills.

“We have before been discussing forms of payment with customers who raised their difficulties regarding the bill payments,” said Mmipi.

 She added that WUC is working around the clock to recover the owed millions of pula in unpaid water bills by its customers throughout Botswana. She advised the public to use water wisely as the levels of the dams around the country could either decrease or increase anytime of the year.

“To avoid disconnection for outstanding water bills all Water Utilities Corporation customers are advised to settle their bills at any Water Utilities Corporation office in the country as soon as possible,” she stated.


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