Monday, October 3, 2022

WUC workers cry foul over restructured posts

There is discontent among some employees of the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) with the manner with which newly created posts are being filled.

Employees stationed outside Gaborone claim that certain positions at WUC are reserved for a select few based in the city to the detriment of others elsewhere in the country with some positions already filled.

Engineers and technicians allege that WUC overlooks equally competent or better staff for these newly created positions tenable in Gaborone.

Workers claim the newly created positions within WUC as a result of restructuring, are being taken by those privy to the intentions of the corporation. The enraged employees claim the current practice stifles their chances of career progression.

The Corporate Communications Manager at WUC, Matida Mmipi, says the allegations are not true.
“In line with the Water Utilities Corporation policy, all vacant positions tenable at any of our operational areas countrywide are advertised internally first and all employees have access to these adverts and equal opportunity to be considered for the positions. The positions are offered to the best candidates following a rigorous selection process that culminates in a face to face interview by a panel. If no suitable candidates are found internally, the positions are then advertised externally,” says Mmipi.

According to Mmipi, the revision mandate as a result of the Water Sector Reforms necessitated restructuring so that the organisation could have an organisational structure that could address the needs of an extended mandate. The corporation says restructuring process was completed in August last year. WUC continues to fill positions that resulted from the restructuring.

WUC says all staff is eligible for transfer to any of the corporation’s operational areas as and when the corporation deems it necessary to transfer them, having established the need for their skills and services in that particular area.

Meanwhile the corporation says the takeover project is on schedule and is progressing well.
“We will make the scheduled 2014 takeover completion,” said Mmipi.


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