Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Y Care power walks for Charity

Y Care Charitable Trust will host its inaugural power walk race at the end of this month to raise funds for charity.

The initiative, a first of its kind and the first to be hosted in an urban area, will be hosted at Airport Junction in Gaborone on the 27th of January.

According to Trust Coordinator Sarona Moabi, they took the decision to create a walk in Gaborone as it has proven to be a financial challenge for the city dwellers to participate in their walks yet they showed tremendous interest hence the said event.

“This going forward will be an annual charity competitive fitness event at the start of every new year to motivate people to jump back into their own fitness goals while giving back to the community. It is open to individuals, families as well as cooperates,” said Moabi.

“This activity is unique in that no one will be allowed to run, it will be strictly walking. It will not be your Olympic style walk, people will just walk ordinarily but it will be a competition,” the Y Care Trust Coordinator explained.

The competition will be a departure from other walks organized by the trust which are hosted in extremely challenging terrains like sand dunes and muddy puddles but are not competitive.

“Even then (non competitive walks), we have realized that our participants are normally very competitive, they compete even though that is not what the initiative calls for. We merely expect that they participate; helping each other through the cause but that is rarely the case,” he said.

Moabi said this time around they introduced the competition aspect to satisfy the craving of most of their supporters.

“We sold tickets from October last year and closed at the end of December. We have since re opened for sales through Compu Tickets by popular demand and we will close for ticket sales on the 16th of January,” said Moabi.

He said the 30 kilometer Walk Category tickets are selling for P250.00, 15 kilometers are selling for P200.00 and the 5 kilometer walk tickets are selling for P100.00.

“The 5 kilometer category provides for people to bring children under 12 years old who get free admission,” he said.

Moabi said all the different categories will begin at Airport Junction early morning on the day and follow designated routes through the bush to Mmopane and back to Aiport Junction.

Moabi said all proceeds from ticket sales will go towards supporting the charitable initiatives that they are currently involved with first. “After that if there is any money left we will open up applications from other charity organizations and the prerequisite is that they should be registered. The board will then access them and decide which ones are priority. In the 15 years that we have been in existence we have disbursed about P5 million to different charities across the country,” he said. Moabi said they do not just limit their assistance to charities but also to Village Development Trusts across rural Botswana. He said although the initiative is a race there will be no prizes to be won as their main focus is the less privileged.


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