Sunday, June 23, 2024

Yacob gets his wish, gets evicted

Yacob finally got his wish as he was evicted from the Big Brother House. The 28-year-old from Ethiopia had previously stated that he wanted to be nominated because Africa already knew its winner.

Yacob joined Hannington, Lerato and Tatiana in the Barn House but did not meet up with Sammi who was taken out of the house due to health issues. Yacob vows to take revenge upon Kode whom he believes to have been an ally in the game after Big Brother revealed to Yacob the people who voted for him.

Our very own Kaone seems to be enjoying himself in the house. The housemate who was head of house last week, proved why he is useful to the house as demonstrated by his energy during the work out session on Monday morning.

Whilst other housemates tired and took a break from the work out, the Motswana was up and about doing exercises and full of zeal. Having already been a victim of Big Brother’s fake eviction, Kaone will be hoping to stay free from the nomination list this week.

Yacob has decided to put the dagger to Sheila who must now do laundry for a whole week.
With nominations taking place this week it seems a lot of the housemates will be voting for Kode, seeing as he has never been nominated and his loyalty has been questioned by Yacob.


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