Thursday, May 23, 2024

YES-ICT to benefit budding ICT entrepreneurs

Young information communications technology (ICT) graduates are set to benefit immensely from a new empowerment initiative called the Youth Empowerment Scheme – Information and Communication Technology (YES-ICT). 

The program was specifically created to improve the local ICT industry and create much desired employment opportunities for the over 5000 ICT graduates who are flooding the labour market. YES-ICT is the brain child of Moro Trust, which falls under Moro Group, one of the leading ICT companies in Botswana. Moro Group is a citizen owned company founded by Monametsi Kalayamotho, who is also its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Kalayamotho’s public image has become synonymous with the ICT industry, largely because of his pioneering business astuteness and vast experience in the sector. 

Moro Group plays in the ICT sector alongside other established companies like Dimension Data, Kalahari Computers and IT-IQ, which also command a considerable share of the market in Botswana. Their wealth of experience, as well as secured and established networks has worked to ensure their continuity in meeting the needs of the market. Heightened competition in the local ICT industry has resulted in late and new entrants failing to break into the market. It was upon realisation of the difficult market conditions under which smaller ICT companies operate that these big players came up with the YES-ICT initiative, through which they will offer graduate owned ICT companies sub-contracting opportunities.

The initiative has been hailed as a step in the right direction that will help up-skill ICT talent and ignite their entrepreneurial flair.  The program also holds the potential to induce much needed competition in the ICT industry. Louis Sibanda, Project Co-ordinator of YES-ICT said in an interview with The Telegraph that the initiative will result in absorption of unemployed graduates in the ICT industry, harness youth entrepreneurship and help develop new ICT talent.

“Their entry into the industry will enable them to establish networks, seeks better opportunities and set up profitable business ventures. They will also gain invaluable experience, become more creative and eventually come up with innovative products and services,” said Sibanda.

YES-ICT will also enable young ICT graduates to play a significant role in the industry, which has immense potential for growth largely because of increased appetite for ICT products and services, especially in today’s globalised economies. The highly anticipated economic stimulus package (ESP) will also present an opportunity for young ICT graduates to reap potential benefits.


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