Friday, June 21, 2024

Young Motswana artist creates his own robot statues

Kabelo Morokotso, is a Motswana artist with a passion for designing and building robots. He has been building them since 2016, and was inspired to make them after watching a science-fiction robot movie with his two sons in 2013. A desire then burned in him to create ‘Botswana’s first robot,’, and a few years later he turned this dream into a reality.

He built his first robot in 2016. He named it ‘Kajumo’. It was made out of recyclable materials and steel. It stands at an astonishing 9 meters high. Soon after, he constructed a follow-up robot and named him ‘Letmo’. These robots are now his most prized-creations, and, to him, represent the possible future of artisans’ products in Botswana.

Kabelo founded his own company “Cyber Kajumo Rigs” in 2017 to primarily manufacture these robot statues. The company also constructs other steel products such as sliding gates, trailers and burglar doors. Kabelo, however, describes himself as an ‘artist at heart’, and has made the robot statues the primary centerpiece of the company. He’s had different displays of his robots in the past. In 2016, the robots served as the background display to an HIV presentation that was being given by Canadian visitors in Mompane. His main objective is to sell these robots to major Botswana companies, and to have them put on display in shopping malls and outside parks across the country. He wants them to be a source of marvelous entertainment and to represent the potential of Botswana’s technological industry.


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