Monday, July 15, 2024

Young Motswana modelling to help raise educational attainment for less-privileged

While many young women are entering the modeling industry in pursuit of fame and fortune, Kefilwe Pamela Koketso has dedicated her life to using her talents in helping raising money for the less privileged.

The 22-year-old who has been modelling for over four years now believes she has what it takes to help change people’s lives. In an interview, Koketso revealed that she was raised in a Christian family where she was taught the act of giving at a tender age. “My parents used to encourage us to give whenever possible, to help those in need, to take care of those who are helpless and mostly to love and give hope to the hopeless,” she said.

She explained that the spirit of giving grew in her and as years went by she discovered that she could use her body as a way of modelling designers clothes such that she can raise money for those who need it. “I have decided to put other people’s needs first before mine. I share the little that I have with those that need it the most and being a model meant that I was now a public figure which means I can now help a lot of people,” she said.

Koketso has made her mark as a young model thus far and has worked with some of the big names in the modelling industry including Rita of Ritac collections who’s famous for her traditional gowns, Kago Ditshego and Botho of FEBI designs. “Sometimes when we volunteer our services we do not know how it impacts other people until we see the results. So many lives have been touched because of our services, it is no longer about helping people around us but more of reaching Batswana in different parts of the country,” she said.

Koketso is not only a model; she is also a volunteer at different charity organisations including WeLoveThem and Open Hearts organisations. “I am currently head of fundraising for WeLoveThem organisation which is a youthful, humanitarian and non-governmental organisation with the mandate of breaking the vicious poverty circles in minors through mindset programs,” she said.

She added that the organisation has programs tailored to break the vicious poverty cycle in victims and prevent others from being victims. The programs include humanitarian aid program, leadership development and Re mo tsenya sekolo programme. ?“It is through these programmes that we reach out to the hopeless. We donate school stationary to the kids, while the leadership programme grooms young persons from all different backgrounds to become agents of change and touch other people’s lives,” she said.

Although Koketso added that they are some challenges that she meets as a volunteer model such as finances to take care of her grooming, she said despite them she will not rest until she sees smiles on other people’s faces.
“Sometimes it’s hard to find sponsors for the shows we do but the most important thing is to help in all possible ways and I would urge my age mates to do the same and start dedicating their lives to serving the community because I do not see the point of having everything at your doorstep while some people are struggling to even have a meal on the table,” she said.


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