Thursday, April 25, 2024

Youth forms society to fight global warming

Global warming has become perhaps the most complex issue facing world leaders. Warnings from the scientific community are becoming louder, as an increasing body of science points to rising dangers from the ongoing build-up of human-related greenhouse gases, produced mainly by the burning of fossil fuels and forests.

Sixteen-year-old Oteng Moremi, founder of Global Warming Alleviation Society, has called upon Botswana to wake up from its slumber and join the world in fighting global warming.

Moremi said despite a formal treaty pledging to limit warming and 20 years of negotiations aimed at putting it into effect, Botswana has shown little appetite for the kinds of controls required to accomplish that goal.

“We don’t have any form of legislation on global warming in Botswana at the moment,” he said, adding that this, on its own, shows a lack of seriousness in our country to fight this monster.

Global HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” emissions of carbon dioxide were at a record high in 2011 and are likely to take a similar jump in 2012, with scientists reporting in early December 2012 that latest indications showed that efforts to limit such emissions are failing.

Moremi said Botswana is no exception to the effects of global warming as witnessed in the 2011 cereal production, which decreased by 19 percent. “We cannot afford to relax as the effects of global warming are starting to take their toll on Botswana,” said Moremi.

The aspiring environmentalist stressed the importance to adopt better policies and practices to overcome the challenges and economic, environmental and social problems caused by global warming.
Experts have warned that global warming  threatens to undermine hard-won human development gains and the longer the world waits to act the more costly the damages and solutions will become.

“Without more coordinated global action to fight global warming it will be increasingly hard to reduce poverty in all its dimensions,” he said.

UNDP recognises that the world’s 2.6 billion poorest people will be hardest hit by effects of global warming and that its impacts could reverse decades of human development gains unless pre-emptive action is taken.

Oteng Moremi is a Form Five student at Gaborone International School and feels the urge to alleviate global warming to create a better world for his generation. 

The Association has been recently established and Moremi is calling for experts in this field to give him support.


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