Sunday, March 3, 2024

Zahara to wrap up Mascom Live Sessions 2015

After another eventful year Botswana Craft will on December 18th host the last instalment of the Mascom Live Sessions 2015. It has almost become the norm that South African songstress Zahara gets to close the curtain on the successful event. The Mascom Live Sessions hosts five shows every year, bringing to Gaborone some of the finest artists from all over the world.


This year, the Mascom Live Sessions have featured artists from outside Botswana like Hugh Masekela, Oliver Mtukuzi, Lira, and most recently Joss Stone (UK). The first show was kicked off in April by South African jazz maestro Hugh Masekela alongside Botswana’s very own Socca Moruakgomo.

“It is a real honour to feature the legendary artist Hugh Masekela. He brings heritage to life, he is driven by a passion to express and celebrate the deep rooted culture of botho, community service and love found within Africa,” read a statement from Masekela in the build up to the show.

Zimbabwean legend Oliver Mtukudzi has also made Botswana Craft his second home having played there on multiple occasions. He was back again in September alongside the relatively unknown Sharon Sibonge (My Star 2012 winner). November 7th was a ladies’ affair as the event hosted SA’s Lira, as well as Samantha Mogwe. Lira has also been a regular at Botswana Craft having performed there three times now.

For the first time ever, the Mascom Live Sessions hosted UK’s Joss Stone on 20th November. 

Performing barefoot with her deep vocals and soulful renditions, the award winning songstress joined the legendary list of great artists to have graced the stage at Botswana Craft. Revellers braved the heavy rain on the night and Joss Stone did not disappoint as she had them eating off the palm of her hands with her soulful music and dance moves. She performed alongside Botswana’s own Abigail Isa and the Contrabanditz.

Zahara will perform at the 30th Mascom Live Sessions event this December. The singer first performed at the Mascom Live Sessions a few years ago after the release of her first and incredibly successful album, Loliwe. She will perform alongside Fresh Les and DJ Robbie Rob.

Botswana Craft Director Oliver Groth has previously said the Mascom Live Sessions are meant to contribute to the development and appreciation of live music in Botswana.

“Many performing artists resort to using back tracks to avoid the high costs of working with a live band. That is why over the years the appreciation of live music has increased and the sector has developed. Live music is about passion, feelings, and emotions.  It is usually not an easy route; requiring immense work and rehearsal as a dedicated team effort,” Groth said.


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